“Authorize.Net A CyberSource Solution”


Bravery Infotech engineers are having good hands on experience in implementing automated payment solutions by having Authorize.Net as a payment gateway system. This company is one of the biggest online billing and payment solution providers for B2B companies. This B2B system got plenty of payment gateways and as part of this project initiative Bravery team was given business requirements to integrate Authorize.Net as additional payment gateway.


Business Requirements

  • Adding CyberSource as a payment gateway
  • Manage and maintain the Merchant account settings securly
  • Process huge volume of payment in an automated manner
  • Process the scheduled payment with both CC and ACH
  • Separate the process fee and convenience fee and send it to different merchant ACH accounts
  • Provide confirmation reference to reconcile the payment to the actual Invoice

Solution Implementation

To fulfill the business requirement, we built a payment engine to process the CC and ACH payment using Authorize.Net C# SDK. Payment Accounts were loaded and stored in a Vault in an encrypted format based on the schedule and if the request is real time then the payment engine will use the appropriate channel to process the payment transaction using CyberSource payment gateway.


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