"Workday Integration"


Bravery Infotech engineers are having good experience in integrating Workday systems with ERP System, It is a software product that fulfill the business requirement for the energy companies. One of the Energy Providers got an unique requirement to integrate the HR and Financial data into the Workday system to increase the efficiency of HR Operations and Financial operations.


Business Requirements

  • Migrate the existing financial system which was build in house in the company
  • Migration of HR Department data into Workday system
  • Auto sync on the financial and HR data into Workday system automatically
  • Sending the reports automatically using secure access web link through email
  • Implement Approval mechanism for each process in the financial process

Solution Implementation

To fulfill the business requirements, first we did the reverse engineering of the existing financial system and understood the key billing and business specific financial parameters from their 15K + lines of stored procedure and did the same for HR System data. Created two separate background worker processes that listen to SQS to capture the notification to perform the Financial data extraction and push it to Workday and smilary another worker implemented to handle the HR data push to Workday system. Built the API service to create and send the secure web link to send the reports


Key Tools & Technologies

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