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Bravery Infotech engineers are having good experience in working with third party chat system integration. This Crisp Chat Integration was done recently for an application that serves the CRM solution for the Home Service industry business. Business goal is to establish a better and easy way to implement the Chat system to their customer website. Users of their CRM system need to be added as an agent of Crisp to their specific Website account that was created in Crisp system.


Business Requirements

  • CRM system should have provision to implement chat capabilities in the client’s website
  • Website account and agents needs to be created as and when a new client got enrolled in the CRM system
  • Users should be able to manage the chat session, message and history information from CRM
  • Client chat for should be white labeled

Solution Implementation

To fulfill the business requirements, we built a chat service as a wrapper for the Crisp REST APIs and using that wrapper service as and when a new client enrollment is done then a new website account will be created in Crisp through API calls and default admin users will be added as an agent. In the settings option there will be an option to add the new user as an agent. Except one time Crisp user activation rest everything is done through Crisp API calls.

Key Tools & Technologies

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