“Mailgun An EMail Solution”


Bravery Infotech engineers are having good experience in integrating Mailgun EMail systems into CRM and ERP systems, this a Healthcare software application which is having a business need to send the Notification email while submitting webforms to their managers also sending overall reports to all the key stakeholders in the organization. Notification needs to be sent to the staff while they get a training schedule and a confirmation and reminder email needs to be sent to remind staff for the training session.


Business Requirements

  • Emails needs to be send from webform as and when it is submitted
  • Automated emails need to be send to all the managers of the staff
  • Automated emails need to be send to meeting participants based on the schedule
  • Reminder emails need to be send for the training schedule
  • From the web interface user should be able to select one or more email recipients to send the email

Solution Implementation

This is a web application and there are lots of webforms that were generated dynamically, to send the emails instantly Mailgun api is used directly into the web application to send email securely. Dynamically the email template will be composed using the email template that was managed in Mailgun web console. Training schedule module integrated with email service that will invoke the Send Email endpoint as and when a new training event got scheduled similarly the same end was used by the background process to send the consolidated email notifications to all the managers who are all subscribed for the email alert.


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