“Automation On Editorial Process Using Quarkxpress”


Bravery Infotech engineers are having good experience in working with Quarkxpress and it’s XDK toolkit. This client is a big magazine editorial company, they are using Quarkxpress as the editorial system. This editorial department is big and they used to work together as a team. All the articles were generated using word documents and the main editor will be composing the page layouts using the pagination. Automatically composed articles in the word document need to be loaded into the appropriate page and article location in QuarkXpress.


Business Requirements

  • Compose the Article with appropriate text and images from Word Document
  • Compose the page layout that is designed in Quarkxpress
  • Assign the article with or without images to selected block in the page
  • Assign the page to the sub editors and sub editors should only have the access to their assigned pages
  • Only one Quarkxpress desktop application alone to be used by more than one sub editors

Solution Implementation

To fulfill the business requirement we coordinate with the QuarkXpress team and get the XDK Toolkit access and build the server & client applications using windows forms. Main editor will use the Server application to compose the page layout using the Quark layout template file and assign the articles to the sub editors and sub editors were given with client applications in which they will be composing the article. Once the article is ready to publish the client application will send the article to server and server will be binded into quark file using Quarkxpress XDK plugin.

Key Tools & Technologies

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