“SendGrid An EMail Soulton From Twilio”


Bravery Infotech engineers are having good experience in integrating SendGrid EMail systems into CRM and ERP systems, this is an application for a billing and payment platform that is having an business need to send the billing and payment notifications as an email in an automated manner also systems should be able to keep track of the email deliverables, user access information to generate various reports.


Business Requirements

  • To send billing and payment information in nice and professional emails
  • Content of the Email should be customized (White labeled)
  • Automatically billing notification emails needs to be send once it is generated
  • Automatically Payment reminder notifications needs to be send based on the due date
  • Need to confirm that Email delivered to correct recipients
  • Need to keep track of user’s email access information
  • Need to generate various reports

Solution Implementation

To fulfill the business requirement, we built an email notification engine that will scan the system to identify the new Billing that was generated and the bills that are due for payment then based on the customer settings email content will be composed on the fly and queued up for email transmission. Another background process reads the payload message from SQS and by using email service to send the email through the send grid. This Email service is a wrapper service for the email options. Using this service all the above email delivery confirmation and user email access details will be collected.


Key Tools & Technologies

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