“Tiff CMYK Composite Using Leadtools”


Bravery Infotech engineers are having good experience in working with Leadtools Image processing mainly with TIFF image processing. This is a printing and publishing client application that converts the PDF files into TIFF files using RIP System (Raster Image Processing). These high resolution tiff files will be sent to printers, these TIFF files are in CMYK format and it needs to be combined together and form the full color JPEG files which will be loaded in the web application for soft proofing.


Business Requirements

  • High Resolution CMYK TIFF files need to be combined into Full color JPEG
  • Conversion Time should be quick
  • Composite image should be small in size but should have high resolution
  • Thumbnail images and Full JPEG images should be generated
  • These JPEG images should matched the printing output

Solution Implementation

To fulfill the current image processing business need we worked closely with Leadtools engineering team to build a custom solution to generate the composite full color image from the gray scaled CMYK files. Built a background process to create composite images as and when the CMYK Tiff Images where uploaded into an FTP folder. Along with the full colored image, respective Thumbnail images will be created so that the web application will load the images on the fly and get it displayed for soft proofing.


Key Tools & Technologies

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