“Tiff Image Text Burning Using Leadtools”


Bravery Infotech engineers are having good experience in working with Leadtools Image processing mainly with TIFF image processing. This is a printing and publishing client application that generates the printing plate images in TIFF files with CMYK format. As part of the Plate generation ROTOR information and other unique details needs to be burned only in K color tiff file which is pure black in color.


Business Requirements

  • Burn the text into K color Tiff file
  • Burn the text in the tiff image in an appropriate location
  • This Text burning process should be quick
  • Memory utilization should be efficient
  • After burning the image it should be good while doing merge with other color files

Solution Implementation

To fulfill the current image processing business need we worked on the efficient algorithm to load the high resolution TIFF image file and calculate the text burning coordinates and then burn the dynamic text in the calculated location in K color tiff file. Leadtools got an efficient api that helps us to write the text in the tiff file in the specified location. This background process can burn multiple text for a single image load. This background process was built with multi threaded architecture to process more that 10 Tiff image processing in the same time.


Key Tools & Technologies

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